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What exactly is a Myers Cocktail infusion? Myers Cocktail infusions are a healthy IV alternative to pills, coffee, soda, and other types of energy drinks. They offer many of the same benefits as an energy drink, but without any of the negative side effects. Myers Cocktails can also be used for natural weight loss and increased athletic performance. Furthermore, these infusions can help mitigate symptoms from infections and chronic illnesses.

In this blog post, we will discuss 5 common questions people ask about Myers Cocktail infusions, and explain why this is such an incredible and healthy alternative for added energy and improved well-being.

5 Common Questions About Myers Cocktail Infusion

1) What’s in a Myers Cocktail? The Myers Cocktail was developed by the late Dr. John Myers and contains magnesium, calcium, vitamin C and several B vitamins, plus Myers’ secret ingredients. His secret ingredients were a proprietary blend of herbs that he created to aid in natural health restoration. A Myers Cocktail infusion is composed of magnesium chloride hexahydrate and calcium chloride hexahydrate, which are both dissolved in purified water.

2) Where can I get a Myers Cocktail infusion? Today, certain iterations of the Myers Cocktail are available over the counter at some pharmacies and often sold as a healthy drink alternative. They are also highly popular as an IV infusion, as they are more effective when taken that way. For the best Myers Cocktail infusions, professionals who specialize in IV treatments are the fastest, safest, and most efficient option.

3) What is a Myers Cocktail infusion used for? That really depends on you, since there are so many great uses. Some of the most popular uses for a Myers Cocktail infusion are to reduce symptoms associated with the flu, encourage weight loss, treat chronic pain and inflammation, and ease anxiety or depression symptoms. Myers Cocktail infusions are also commonly used for general detoxifying purposes.

4) Are they expensive? Not at all, especially when you look at just how good they make you feel, plus all of the extended health benefits. A Myers Cocktail IV infusion can make you feel fantastic for the whole day, or even the whole week, just after one treatment so they are worth every penny. Even a regularly scheduled treatment will not break the bank and the value to your health and well-being will be so worth it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner.

5) How many Myers Cocktail infusion treatments do I need? Again, this is all personal preference, but it’s important to know that regular treatment is very common. Much like anything involving diet, health, and wellness, developing a regular routine will put you ahead of the game. Start with one Myers Cocktail infusion first, then assess your progress. You should always listen to what your body is telling you. However, many people find their bodies calling for regular treatments at least once a week or month depending on the person’s lifestyle and overall well-being goals.

Please schedule an appointment with us to get started on your Myers Cocktail infusion treatments, or call us at (405) 276-4937 (OKC) or (918) 520-1238 (Tulsa) to discuss more about what we can do for you.