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Ever considered hangover IV therapy? If not, maybe you should. Think about it this way. It’s the morning after a night of drinking and you’re feeling terrible. You have an intense hangover that is making your head pound, your stomach turn, your body ache, and even worse, you are extremely dehydrated. This hangover is enough to make you never want to drink again! But what if there was a way to get rid of all these hangover symptoms with just one treatment?

That’s where hangover IV therapy comes in. Hangovers happen when people drink too much alcohol without replacing fluids lost through sweat or urination. The body removes toxins from the blood by filtering them through the kidneys. However, when someone drinks too much alcohol without replacing the fluids lost, then their liver can’t properly break it down so their kidneys can clear it out. This creates what we know as a hangover.

Symptoms of a Bad Hangover

Obviously, you know when you have a bad hangover because you can feel it. Some of the worst symptoms of a bad hangover include headache, nausea and vomiting, poor concentration, dizziness, and dry mouth and lips. It can range from minor discomfort to severe pain that will force you to change your plans and lose a full day of your normal activities. Hangover IV therapy can fix this!

Do you know WHY you feel the way you do during a hangover? After overindulging in alcohol, you feel all of the symptoms of a hangover because your liver is still working hard to process the alcohol. It can’t do its job properly when it’s overwhelmed with toxins from too much drinking which leads to a hangover. This also leaves people dehydrated after heavy drinking. Hangover IV therapy offers relief by hydrating and replenishing the body through an intravenous injection that provides nutrients directly into the bloodstream without having them first pass through the stomach or intestines.

The Process of Hangover IV Therapy

It takes about 30 minutes for someone who feels terrible due to a hangover to receive full relief from hangover IV therapy. This process starts with a professional IV administrator finding a vein to insert the IV. It is usually done through their arms or hands, as those are all fairly easy for IV professionals to access and use in this process. Most people feel better within minutes of receiving hangover therapy because it clears away many symptoms that cause hangovers quickly.

There’s no need for someone who just went out drinking the night before and has a terrible hangover to feel bad all day. If you want relief from these awful feelings right away, without having to wait around hoping they go away on their own, hangover IV therapy is the best solution. It’s safe, it’s quick, it’s highly effective, and it can be administered almost anywhere. Don’t suffer when you don’t have to. Get hangover IV therapy and feel great within minutes.

Hydrate Your IV offers some of the best hangover IV therapies available on the market today, and you can get started on your way to feeling great when you book an appointment here. Call us at (405) 276-4937 (OKC) or (918) 520-1238 (Tulsa) to learn more.