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An IV for hangover relief may seem a bit extreme to the casual drinker, but it’s much more simple and effective than anything else out there. Let’s be honest, even the smallest hangovers are no fun. They make you feel terrible and they can last for hours on end. IV for hangover relief therapy is the fastest way to get relief from a hangover in just minutes. It can save you so much time and discomfort over the holidays, after weddings, after celebrations, or just after a big night out on the town.

IV treatments are administered by qualified professionals using sterile IV lines that have been inserted into your arm. IVs deliver fluids directly into your body, bypassing digestion which can take up to 3 days when drinking alcohol. IV therapy treats not only the symptoms of a hangover but also dehydration, low blood sugar levels, electrolyte imbalances, and inflammation. It truly is a game-changer when looking for hangover relief fast.

What Causes a Hangover?

A hangover is caused by  a variety of factors, including dehydration and chemical reactions going on in your body. There are several stages to a hangover, too. Stage one could be loosely categorized as the “let’s have another drink” feeling, where you want to keep your body from reacting to alcohol withdrawal by giving it more alcohol. Stage two is where headaches, fatigue , nausea, or vomiting set in. Stage three consists of extreme thirst that is difficult to quench, as well as confusion and dizziness.

IV therapy treats all these symptoms quickly so you can get back out there in no time. Getting an IV for hangover relief can be done almost anywhere, and you don’t need a doctor or clinic to administer it to you. IV treatments don’t require expensive equipment or any special amenities. You won’t even need prior experience with IV needles because they are administered by professionals who know their stuff inside and out. All you’ll need is access to a good IV provider, like Hydrate Your IV.

Get IV For Hangover Relief Almost Immediately

One of the biggest selling points and draws to IV for hangover relief treatment is the speed in which the effects kick in. You will literally feel like you didn’t drink at all in just a matter of minutes. The nutrients, vitamins, and other fluids in an IV work to get your body back on track as soon as it’s in your system. IVs are a great way to start the morning, or cure that hangover before you walk out the door, or even before you get out of bed.

Not only can we handle various kinds of alcohol-related hangovers, but IV for hangover relief is also effective for food-related discomfort and non-alcohol related dehydration. IVs are also great for the morning after a mentally stressful day, when you simply just don’t feel so good. Get ahead of the game and ahead of your hangover FAST with an IV treatment. Click here to schedule an appointment today, or  call us at (405) 276-4937 (OKC) or (866) 570-3180 (Tulsa).