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What is IV therapy? This is a question many people are asking these days and one that will become more and more common in the future. IV Therapy is a practice that has been used for decades and its popularity is only growing. This therapy can be administered in many different settings, but what unites them all is convenience, safety, and optimal health treatment. IV therapies are administered through IV bags filled with fluids and various other vitamins, nutrients, and supplements.

These therapies are given to help with conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), low blood sugar levels, dehydration, brain fog, muscle pain, and more. It can also help reduce symptoms caused by anemia from chemotherapy, electrolyte imbalances from diabetes or other illnesses/conditions, and improve immunity during cold or flu season. In this ultimate guide, we will explore what IV Therapy is by going over what it entails in detail and what it can do for your body and immune system.

The Basics of IV Therapy Treatments

IV therapy’s main purpose is to introduce what are called “intravenous nutrients” into the body via your bloodstream. These intravenous (IV) nutrients consist of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and other essential elements your body needs to function at optimal levels. IV therapy treatments are safe, natural, portable, and do not require a doctor’s office or clinic for administration. Receiving an IV treatment is painless and the positive effects will kick in almost immediately after receiving them.

Since the IV treatment is administered directly into the bloodstream through a vein in your arm or hand via an IV infusion set, it gets delivered straight to where you need it the most. It doesn’t get any more efficient than that. This means that all those wonderful ingredients go right into your body’s cells and start working their magic much faster than if they were taken orally. Oral absorption can be challenging for some people, which is why IV treatments are the best and most efficient alternative to pills.

The benefits of receiving these treatments include increased energy levels, enhanced immune system support, improved moods/mental focus, and the easing of muscle pain. IV therapy is also hugely popular for hydration, particularly amongst athletes, people recovering from illness, or people recovering from a hangover. For those wondering what is IV therapy most popularly used for, the answers run the gamut, too. There are literally hundreds of ways an IV treatment can help, and all are good for your body and overall well-being.

How Does a Typical IV Therapy Session Go?

A typical IV therapy session starts with a consultation with a professional. This part of the process is important for many purposes as it ensures that what you want from an IV treatment aligns with what your body needs. Consulting a professional IV therapy service will help you assess your needs with precision and treat them in a way that’s focused, effective, and fast. Highly qualified IV therapy professionals know what to spot, what to recommend, and how to find the best fit for you to get you feeling great again. Trust the process here.

The next step in getting an IV therapy session involves having a needle inserted into either your arm (most common), hand, foot, or leg. You’ll then receive fluids directly into your bloodstream over the course of about forty-five minutes to one hour. Many people enjoy watching TV during this time (or taking a nap). Afterward, many choose to relax for another thirty minutes while they continue reaping the benefits of their injection. Overall though, most patients say that they feel completely fine within just minutes after finishing up!

Most people rave about just how easy and efficient getting an IV treatment at home is. You’ll feel pampered like you were at a spa. The time and energy commitment is minimal, making this incredibly convenient for those who are busy and feel like they don’t have time to seek in-patient therapies and procedures. Think of getting an IV treatment in the same way you think of getting a massage, or a haircut, or a facial. Now think of your body leaving this treatment feeling younger, fitter, and full of energy to take on the rest of your day. Yes, it’s that good!

Why IV Therapy is Good for People of All Ages and Body Types

The first thing that is likely what you think of when IV therapy comes up, and what typically brings people into their doctor’s office or hospital, is an infusion of nutrients. These infusions have been around for thousands of years in some cultures as a way to “cure” what ails them through the consumption of medicinal herbs and other similar components.

The notion of healing your body and improving your immune system has always existed in this sense and today it’s growing even more thanks to new technologies, cutting-edge techniques, and science. We are at a great stage as far as improvements in health and healthcare go, and IV therapy is leading the charge in the wellness space in many ways.

In modern times, this health initiative has evolved from herbal teas to more complex mixtures infused intravenously using vitamins and minerals. These infusions have specific purposes such as boosting energy levels, fighting off infections naturally, and waking up those who might be feeling drowsy. They are hugely popular all over the world. People recovering from anesthesia after surgery are also big advocates of IV therapy, as it helps them get back on their feet and feel better faster.

IV therapies are also popular for improving stamina during cancer treatments so patients can tolerate chemotherapy better. IV therapy treatments can help cancer sufferers by making the side effects of chemo more tolerable. From hydration and body aches, to focus, joint stiffness, and poor appetite, there are many ways a quality IV therapy treatment can help.

What Are The Different Types of IV Therapies Available?

Thanks to advancements in the natural health and science fields, there are more options than ever available to you if you’re looking for IV therapy. One of the most popular IV infusions is what is called a “Myers Cocktail”. These Myers Cocktails are generally popular with people of all ages who could benefit greatly from IV therapy treatments that increase energy, fight off colds, help with asthma, or even just rehydrate the body. A Myers Cocktail consists of vitamin C, magnesium chloride, zinc, and other powerful ingredients.

There is also Mega Myers cocktail available to people seeking IV therapy treatment. This infusion includes all the same ingredients as the regular Myers Cocktail, only at higher quantities. It’s like a super dose of all the good stuff your body craves. The Mega Myers solution is what people generally think of when they need an IV therapy treatment that will help them with their energy levels, fatigue, fighting off a hangover, or recovering from a sickness.

Another popular IV therapy treatment is called “NAD+”. This therapy treatment solution is full of what is called Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD), which is a molecule found in all living cells of the body. NAD+ is one variation of the molecule and is necessary to regulate your metabolism and other bodily processes. NAD+ IV treatments are popular with people who are over the age of 40 because it can decrease signs of aging. It is a great option if you want to fight off the fatigue that comes with getting older. It also can help your muscles recover faster after workouts as you age.

There are also IV infusions that are just saline with one or two vitamins added to give you an extra boost of nutrients. IV therapy treatments containing Vitamin B12 can be beneficial to those suffering from fatigue or anemia. This is because it helps with both conditions and gives you more clean body energy in the process. There are also IV infusions containing Vitamin D and are very helpful when someone has low levels of vitamin D, but these types of intravenous therapies should not be taken daily as they do contain high levels and may affect your kidneys negatively over time.

Who Can Administer IV Therapy Treatments?

Contrary to what many people may think, you don’t need a doctor or hospital nurse to administer IV therapy treatments. In fact, these days, mobile IV therapy treatment from private companies is more popular than ever. Anyone who is trained in administering IV therapy can provide these treatments. Most people who do administer IV drips are trained by medical staff, doctors, or other medically-reputable programs and schooling.

It’s important to always choose the best, most reputable providers to administer your IV therapy treatments, even if they are not directly booked through a doctor’s office or hospital. You never want to feel nervous about what you are putting into your body. You want to feel safe knowing that the solutions and people who are administering the solutions are tested, regulated, and professionally sound. You get all of this and more when you book Hydrate You IV for your IV therapy needs.

A huge benefit of hiring a professional service like Hydrate You IV is that, unlike doctors, we can provide IV therapies on the go. Mobile IV therapy is one of the most convenient parts of our business. We can bring the “clinic” directly to you, so to speak. Whether that means taking our treatments in the convenience of your own home or asking our team to come to your office and provide an IV infusion for your employees during work hours, we can do what it takes.

We make sure that patients don’t have to worry about what they are getting injected into their bodies or how they’ll find the time to receive an IV therapy treatment. We bring the service right to you, with convenience, care, and comfort in mind. You can also hire our service for a large group. These therapy treatments are popular for the day after big parties, wedding groups, graduation groups, and work groups on retreats. We’ll come to your home, office, hotel, or event space!

What is IV Therapy Going to Look Like in the Future?

For anyone asking what is IV therapy going to look like in the near and long-term future, the answers are becoming clearer. This industry is growing and the types of IV therapies available in the marketplace are growing with it. Advancements in science and natural medicine are leading the way. New protocols for what IV therapy can be used to treat are showing positive results and this industry looks like it will continue to grow as more people learn about what these therapies have to offer them.

Growth in popularity will push IV therapy more into the American mainstream consciousness, which will help drive innovation in the space. We live at a critical time period in history when it comes to health and wellness. The COVID-19 pandemic has made the world hyper-aware of the importance of maintaining good health and a good immune system. IV therapy can be a major leader in treatment options that can be done from home, safely, and without excessive costs.

At Hydrate You IV, we want to be a fundamental part of this movement towards better health and wellness for the long-term, for everyone in our community, and beyond. IV therapies are not just for health problems, but more so for promoting great, sustainable health and wellness. Hydrate You IV offers a wide range of services that work to prevent ailments as much as they do to treat them. We are an Oklahoma-based company that has been working with our great local communities for years, and we keep building and growing with them.

As we look ahead, what do you think? What does your gut tell you? How big could this become in five years’ time? In ten years’ time? Where would you like to see yourself with what is IV therapy at that point in time? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you and discuss how we might help make those ideas a reality. We have a team of professionals that are ready to assist you, educate you, listen to you, and help make you feel great.

If you have any questions about what is IV therapy, what types of IV therapies are available to you, and why they would be beneficial, contact us now. You can also give us a call by phone with any of your questions, comments, or concerns at 866-570-3180.