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About Us

Hydrate You IV is a mobile IV hydration company serving Tulsa & Oklahoma City. Backed by an ER physician group specializing in telemedicine, all of our nurses are IV pros!

We strive to make the entire process as easy, fast and painless as possible, from your initial call or text to our in-home IV administration. Our team of passionate, experienced professionals has helped thousands of Tulsa & Oklahoma City residents in their efforts to lose weight, as well as boost their immunity and skin health.

Our IV fluids will help you find relief from:

What You Need to Know About Hydrate You IV

As an IV fluids company, Hydrate You IV makes sure you get the relief you need with on-demand drip IVs loaded with nutrients, vitamins, fluids and medicines that are brought right to your home, office or hotel.

Some things to know about Hydrate You IV are:

  • We allow you to customize any of our IV drip therapy packages with add-ins to target your specific symptoms.
  • Our best-selling package is our Myers' Cocktail due to its success in addressing a wide range of conditions.
  • Our team consists of expert-level IV therapy nurses.
  • We're friendly, compassionate and love what we do.
  • Our service is mobile, so we can come to your home, hotel or office in one hour or less.
  • Our topical numbing spray makes every therapy painless.
  • Before administering your IV hydration therapy, a member of our team will assess your vital signs and have you complete a waiver.
  • All of our paramedics and RNs are state-certified and have several years of experience in critical care, triage and emergency room nursing.
  • We treat patients as young as 11 years old if they're over 100 pounds. If not, 12 years old is our minimum age. For individuals over 12, any age is appropriate for IV treatment.

Contact Us for In-Home IVs

Are you ready to find relief from your symptoms with IV therapy? Skip the waiting times and hassle of the ER and contact your local IV drip company today. You can also call or text us at any time at (918) 520-1238 and we'll be your immediate touchpoint for any questions that come up.

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