Vitamin C IV Therapy in Tulsa & Oklahoma City

Vitamin C IV Drip

Vitamin C IV therapy allows vitamin C to enter the bloodstream intravenously. This direct route means that vitamin C reaches higher levels in the body faster than when it is taken by mouth.

Whether you'd like mobile vitamin C IV therapy to help alleviate symptoms of the flu, a hangover, headaches or other conditions, look no further than Hydrate You IV. We are a mobile IV therapy company providing reliable in-home IV hydration services throughout the Tulsa area.

Benefits of Vitamin C Drip Therapy

Vitamin C IVs have many applications and offer numerous benefits. A vitamin C drip can help:

  • Reduce stress.
  • Lower your risk of heart disease.
  • Your body heal faster.
  • Lessen pain after injuries.
  • Increase resilience against viral and bacterial infections, including colds and flu.
  • Decrease fatigue.
  • Fortify cell structures like DNA, proteins and collagen.
  • Promote healthy skin and connective tissue.
  • Increase the production of white blood cells.

Our Highest-Dose of Vitamin C - The Myers Cocktail

Our highest-dose vitamin C package is the Myers' Cocktail IV. This IV drip treatment is designed for the ultimate immunity boost and contains 5,000 mg, or five doses, of vitamin C.

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Our Most Affordable IV With Vitamin C - The SILVER Package

The SILVER Package, our most affordable IV with vitamin C, comes with an add-in of your choice. When you choose vitamin C as your add-in, you'll receive one dose (1,000 mg) of the vitamin along with pH-balanced fluids and vitamin B complex.

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The Science Behind Vitamin C

Vitamin C has a wide range of applications, including:

1. Energy Production

Vitamin C is a critical factor in adrenalin production and has a powerful influence on our energy levelsVitamin C also takes part in the synthesis of carnitine — a molecule responsible for transporting fats to the mitochondria in our energy production cells.

2. Antioxidant Properties

Research has shown that vitamin C's antioxidant properties can help reduce the severity of H1N1 influenza virus symptoms. In emergency interventions, Vitamin C IVs are also considered critical add-on therapies in surviving the flu.

3. Immune Support

Researchers postulate that vitamin C may directly affect infectious agents like viruses, bacteria and even cancer cells.

4. Cancer and Chemotherapy

One study published by the Canadian Medical Association Journal found that IV-administered vitamin C concentrations were higher than doses administered orally. The benefits of high doses of vitamin C administered intravenously for cancer include:

  • Reduces the effects of co-therapies
  • Helps remove free radicals
  • Decreases the proliferation of cancer cells, slowing the progression of the disease
  • Decreases the impact of toxicities caused by traditional co-therapies
  • Aids in the regulation of redox reactions that cause damage to DNA
  • May help increase the effectiveness of conventional treatments by helping boost the immune system
  • Improved quality of life

5. Collagen Production

Collagen is a structural protein responsible for providing structural support for arteries and veins and holding our muscles to our bones. In addition to the amino acids lysine and proline, vitamin C is required for collagen synthesis.

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Our team at Hydrate You IV can help you select the best vitamin C drip based on your symptoms or wellness goals. We'll help you customize your mobile vitamin C IV treatment and we offer group discounts, which are ideal for saving money and finding quick relief from your symptoms when you're with family or friends.

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