IV Therapy for Athletes & Sports Recovery in Tulsa & Oklahoma City

When preparing or recovering from an intense athletic competition, drip hydration is your solution for fast, effective IV therapy. At Hydrate You IV, our in-home IV therapy packages feature the nutrients your body needs to feel better fast with IV formulas specifically tailored to your sports recovery and athletic performance needs. 

IV therapy can help athletes recover from strenuous activity, joint pain and muscle aches and strains — as well as significantly boost fitness and athletic performance. 

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The Benefits of IV Therapy for Athletic Performance 

As an athlete, the effects of dehydration during a sporting event — especially long and strenuous events like marathons — is sometimes inevitable. Dehydration, or exsiccosis, is a medical term defined as the state of decreased total body water resulting in the hypertonic and hypernatremic state.

The term “dehydration” can be used to refer to any of the following:

  • Excessive use of glycogen by the body’s muscles
  • Reduced sweat rates and low heat depletion
  • Diminished blood volume

Common Athletic Events We Provide Mobile IVs for 

Common sporting events we provide IV therapy for patients in the Tulsa & Oklahoma City area are:

  • Marathons
  • Triathlons
  • Mud runs
  • Spartan races
  • Weight lifting competitions
  • Obstacle courses
  • And more!

IV Therapy Before a Marathon 

Marathon runners and triathletes push their bodies to their physical limits competing for long hours, sometimes under a blazing sun. When athletes engage in demanding or prolonged physical activity, the body’s temperature is elevated. As the body sweats to cool itself down, critical electrolytes and fluids are lost. If these electrolytes and fluids aren’t replenished, the risk of dehydration and heat illnesses such as heatstroke may increase.

As an athlete, you’re probably aware that inadequate hydration during an event means longer recovery times. 

So, how do you treat severe dehydration — or prevent it — as an athlete? One of the most effective ways for athletes preparing for or recovering from strenuous athletic activity is to stay hydrated with IV therapy. IV hydration, or Intravenous hydration, refers to a highly-nutritional infusion of vitamins and minerals injected directly into the bloodstream. Effective IV therapy includes a combination of some or all of the following:

Sports medicine experts have long recognized the benefits IV therapy can bring. IV nutrients have been shown to repair the damage done to the body from training and injury, as well as enhance athletic performance. IV rehydration and prehydration has been proposed as an ergogenic aid to achieve hydration more efficiently. 

Several endurance athletes have benefited from IV hydration as part of their post-race recovery regimen. 

Get the IV Therapy You Need for Muscle Recovery and Enhanced Athletic Performance

An IV drip is a safe, fast and effective way to get the vitamins and minerals you need — and all from the comfort of your own home or sporting event!

Choose from a variety of in-home IV therapy options to boost athletic performance. Or, customize an IV treatment package or heal old sports injuries with an amniotic allograft injection. At Hydrate You IV, our team is made up of members of an ER physician group specializing in telemedicine. You can rest assured that our knowledgable, compassionate team will assist you in choosing the IV therapy package that will best meet your athletic needs.

Call or text us at (918) 520-1238 and bypass all travel fees, waiting rooms and hassle. Don’t wait — get an on-demand IV drip jam-packed with vitamins and medicines for quick in-home relief today. 

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Last Reviewed By Matt Heistan on 10/2/2020