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Conditions We Treat

Whether you are sick or need a boost,
IV Therapy helps you feel better faster.

IV treatment services are ideal for anyone who wants to feel great again, in a safe, natural way with medical professional supervision.

IV therapy provides fluids, minerals, and medications directly into your bloodstream.

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What makes us different?

We only use RNs and Paramedics. They are state certified have multiple years of experience in emergency room nursing, triaging & critical care. Safety and Supervision are the number one priority. 

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No travel fees. No waiting rooms. No hassle.

On-demand IV drip loaded with vitamins & medicines for quick relief brought right to your home, office or hotel! 

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How It Works:

Step 1:

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Step 2:

An RN will come to your location: home, hotel, or office !

Step 3:

Fill out a simple intake form & health history report as we set-up & check your vital signs

Step 4:

We start the drip, adding vitamins or medicines! 1 liter of fluid takes 30-40 minutes.

Our IV Menu

You can tailor your IV therapy to your specific symptoms with add-ons, such as vitamins, fluids, and electrolytes

Megalodon: Patient can only receive this treatment if known G6PD standing and had a mega with no isses Vit C 25g (50ml) Glutathione 1000mg (5ml) Zinc 40mg (4ml) B comp 1ml B12 1ml Mag 500mg (2.5ml)

MegaMyers Cocktail: Mega Myers’ Cocktail IV is the best of the best when it comes to IV packages. It’s our #1 option for feeling great no matter what your symptoms are because it features all 6 of our vitamins, minerals and antioxidants! 1000cc Normal Saline Vitamin B Complex Vitamin B12 5000mg Vitamin C 1000mg Glutathione Zinc Magnesium

Myers Cocktail: BEST SELLER + BEST DEAL! This IV therapy package helps boost your immune system to fight off flu, colds, stomach bugs, hangovers, fatigue & migraines. The blast of vitamins is also great for skin health! 1000ml Normal Saline Vitamin B Complex Vitamin B12 Glutathione Vitamin C Magnesium Zinc

Ultra-Hydrate: Perfect for hitting specific issues with a mix of 2 focused vitamins or meds. Fatigue, food poisoning, hangovers, insomnia, fevers & detox symptoms all can benefit from a Gold IV! We can help you decide which 2 add-ins work best for your issue or goals! 1000ml Normal Saline Vitamin B Complex Includes 2 Add-Ins (Vitamins or Medicines)

Ache’s and Pains: The Silver IV therapy package offers a targeted approach for singular issues like nausea, pain, recovery & body aches with deep hydration & B Complex, PLUS an add-in of your choice! 1000ml Normal Saline Vitamin B Complex Includes 1 Add-In of your choice (Vitamins or Medicines)

Booster: The Bronze IV therapy package is the perfect way to rehydrate from the inside out! A liter of fluids plus a dose of B Complex to replenish is great for things like pre-exercise hydration before an athletic event. 1000ml Normal Saline Vitamin B Complex

Pure Fluids: Purely Saline is perfect for those times when you just need pure fluids with no vitamin or medicine add-ons due to allergies, sensitivities or other factors. 1000ml Normal Saline

Add-Ins: IV vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, medications & extras! Vitamin B Complex | Vitamin B12 | Vitamin C | Magnesium | Glutathione | Zinc | Pepcid | Taurine | Pain (NSAID) | Anti-Nausea | Anti-Histamine | Vitamin D Shot | B12 Shots

Rejuvinate Add-In: NAD+ is a helper molecule found in all of your cells. This IV may support healthy aging and longevity.